Based on love for healthy lifestyle, Indonesia’s natural wealth as well as the admiration for the local communities’ enthusiasm in nurturing their local tropical products, Kawanasi is determined to continuously working hand in hand with local communities across Indonesia archipelago to source for the finest ingredients, explore the taste of local culture, produce and deliver authentic Indonesian artisan products that nourish life locally and globally.

At Kawanasi we strongly believe that food is a source of life, therefore processing food naturally without artificial ingredients is essential in our production. This also applies to our home products : East Forest Kenari Nuts as well as Bage Fruit Chips productions. We assure you that our wild harvested Kenari Nuts, tropical fruits such as Jackfruit, Zalacca, Mango, Dragon Fruit and many more will consistently offer you authentic Indonesia exotic flavors.

At Kawanasi we also believe in local communities’ empowerment through education. We have partnered with local institutions to run classes from reading, writing and basic arithmetic class to hard-skills training for fresh graduates. By doing business with communities this way, we strive to build a sustainable business that brings positive contributions not only for us, but also for our customers and our local partners across Indonesia.

Kawanasi aims to bring Indonesian natural goodness locally and globally through various channels including premium private labels. At the moment we market our home products mainly in Indonesia. Click here for Store Locator.


  1. Work with “Be agile, strive for the best and grow” attitude.

  2. Seek for finest Indonesian ingredients and process them modernly.

  3. Make customers and partners satisfied.