Bagé Fruit Chips | Dried Fruit Chips | Net 40 g / pcs | Exp 1 year

4 Variants (Existing) : Jackfruit Chips, Zalacca Chips, Banana Chips & Ladyfinger Banana

Fruits are grown around active volcanic mountains on Java island

Fruits are grown around active volcanic mountains on Java island

Zalacca during harvest season

Zalacca during harvest season

About our Tropical Fruits

Indonesia is blessed with different varieties of tropical fruits which have gained popularity at both local and international market.

To fulfill the demand of fruit chips both locally and globally, we have partner with different local communities across Java island to source for the best quality tropical fruits. We have nine different fruits that we can process at our plant : Jackfruit, Zalacca, Banana, Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and dragon fruit.

About Bagé Fruit Chips

Unlike many other similar products, we only harvest and process fruits from volcanic-fertile-soil . This is the secret why our fruit chips are naturally tastier.

Enjoy Bagé Fruit Chips as your go to snack anytime and anywhere. You can also mix Bagé Fruit Chips with your favorite oat or cereal.

Flavorsome with a fresh crunch, this fruit chips are also rich in nutrients. It's a perfection in a bag ready to be shared with your loved ones!



  1. All fruits are grown on Java Island's Volcanic-Fertile-Soil by the local farmers.

  2. Real fruits, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors.

  3. The fruit chip is healthy, crispy & tasty at the same time.

  4. Allowing customers to enjoy Indonesian signature Tropical Fruits (Ladyfinger Banana, Zalacca / Snake Fruit & Jackfruit).


  1. Stronger brand image - Champion in bringing natural and local fair trade products to the market.

  2. Attract more Gen Y, Vegan and healthy conscious customers.

  3. Send your inquiry regarding the products as well as business possibilities via our web.

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