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East Forest Kenari Nuts | Healthy Snack | Net 80 g / pcs | Exp 1 year

5 Variants (Existing) : Unsalted, Sea Salt, Cacao Cinnamon, Spicy Salted Caramel & Trail Mix

Kenari Nuts Size, East Forest Kenari Nuts

About Kenari Nuts

You are currently looking at Indonesia’s best-kept secret superfood, the kenari nuts.

Organically grown on an island rich in fertile volcanic soil, kenari nuts are both delicious and nutritious.

Kenari nuts are a rich source of vitamin E. They contain more than any other nut! this tasty snack is also jam packed with beneficial Vitamins and Minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B1, Phosphorus and Copper.

Wild Kenari Trees Grown on Fertile Volcanic Soil

Wild Kenari Trees Grown on Fertile Volcanic Soil

Wild Harvested by the locals

Wild Harvested by the locals

About East Forest Kenari Nuts

Despite kenari nuts are delicious and nutritious, many are not familar with kenari nuts. Kawanasi with EAST FOREST KENARI NUTS aims to deliver and spread this wholesome goodness locally and globally.

Kawanasi works together with locals to handpick the nuts from wild kenari trees grown on fertile volcanic soil.

We take up to almost 70 hours to naturally activate our Kenari Nuts. These laborious efforts make our EAST FOREST KENARI NUTS to have a longer shelf life while at the same time boosting their taste and nutrition.

At the moment EAST FOREST KENARI NUTS are available in 5 different varieties :

Unsalted, Sea Salt (with Balinese Sea Salt), Spicy Salted Caramel, Cacao Cinnamon and Trail Mix.

More varieties are coming!  




  1. Allowing you to celebrate the culinary diversity of Indonesia.

  2. Exotic and wild Indonesian native nut that has various health benefits, proven by research.

  3. Suitable for various applications - mix with salad, oat, baking, smoothies and etc.

  4. Organic, wild harvested & collaboration with local communities and farmers across Indonesia (Sea Salt from Bali, Cacao from Bali, Cinnamon from Sumatra, Gula Aren from West Java and etc).


  1. Stronger brand image - Champion in bringing natural and local fair trade products to the market.

  2. Attract more Gen Y, Vegan and healthy conscious customers.

  3. Send your inquiry regarding the products as well as business possibilities via our web.

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